Catalogue of intellectual competitive games

Welcome to the site - - a catalog of competitive mind games in which you have to compete with other people in overcoming mental obstacles for speed, as well as solve non-trivial survival tasks and fight for the right to be called the strongest players in mind games for two people. On a regular basis, you will be able to compete for first place on the “Great Intellectual Race” leaderboard and win in-game prizes!
The evaluation of the mental strength of the players will be based on the average of the results of participation in the rating games, which include the main games of the site, such as "IncogniK - Incognito King", "Incwitch - Inquisitors vs. Witches" and "Imperita - Splitting the Empire: Two Kings". In addition, the list of rated games will include such intellectual games as Chess, Go, Tavreli and other intellectual games that the site administration deems it necessary to include in the list of rated games. Games will be added gradually, so the rating of players will undergo changes, but with time and with the increase in the number of games, the influence of new games on the rating will decrease.


Currently, three intellectual board games for two people are being developed in an online version. This is something between chess and card games, where players have to move their card pieces, arrange them, choosing the most convenient positions for attacking the enemy card pieces and for protecting their main pieces, on which victory or defeat in the game depends. The following games will soon be available: "Incognito" - or "Incognito King", "InkWitch" - or "Inquisitors vs. Witches" and "Imperita" - "Split of the Empire: Two Kings". You can purchase all “three games in one” in our store and in the stores of our partners a few months after the online version of the games is published on the site, and you can also pre-order on the crowdfunding platform after the project is opened there. We'll let you know when the project opens on the crowdfunding platform so you can pre-order if the games interest you.
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