Imperita (Split Empire - Two Kings) - after the death of the emperor, two powerful kings could not identify the strongest among them in a fair royal game, invented by the wisest people of the imperial palace. Now, while at court, the two kings, with the help of their retinue of court ladies and husbands, will fight in a larger battle, while achieving less bloodshed than if they brought their thousands of armies to the battle. Each of the two kings is full of determination and will to overcome the resistance of his opponent in order to become the sole ruler of thousands of lands in the world of Metodorf. Each of the representatives of the royal retinue, even despite their outward harmlessness, has sufficient strength and power to engage in battle with the strongest representatives of the retinue of the opposing side. But there is someone in the Emperor's castle who is superior in strength to each of them - an albino warrior, a prisoner locked in a dungeon, whose release will allow one side to gain his support and turn the scales to their side. This game for two will give you control of an army of 15 cards, which you must lead to victory over your opponent's army of 15 cards. The goal of the game is to capture all three cards of the royal line - prince, heir and king, or to free the playing board from all cards of the enemy's royal line.
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