Inqwitch (Witches vs Inquisitors) In this two-player game, your task is to defeat the Inquisitors as the Witches, and defeat the Witches as the Inquisitors. This is an eternal confrontation in the fictional world of the lands of Neoros, which is reflected in the real events that took place on our native planet Earth. For a long time, witches were famous for their not very kind disposition and character; many people, along with supernatural abilities, attributed to them such atrocities as kidnapping children and casting spells on fellow villagers, but no one knew for sure whether the latter circumstances were even a little true. To counter the Witches, an organization of Inquisitors was created - specially trained people who could cope with witches, regardless of their witchcraft powers. This is how endless battles between witches and inquisitors began, which, unfortunately, also affected the lives of ordinary people - the most respectable girls, unfairly accused of witchcraft, and young men, whom the witches often mistook for the inquisitors hiding behind them, sometimes fell under the hot hand. You are invited to take part in this epic confrontation in the board game "Inquitch" - "Witches vs. Inquisitors"...
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