IncogniK - Incognito King - board game online

Game type:
Logical turn-based game
Board Game Inventory:
Playing field and playing card shapes
Number of players:
Two players
Complexity of the rules:
Easy rules
The impact of randomness:
Present as standard, game with incomplete information
Benefits to the mind:
Develops visual memory, combination vision, tactics and strategy

IncogniK (Incognito King) is an intellectual game for two in which you have to fight with another person for the imperial throne on the mini-chessboard-castle of the emperor. Background: In the once tranquil empire ruled by the great Emperor Kantr-Inius the First, peace and harmony flourished in the lands he ruled, and neither external nor internal enemies frightened the inhabitants of the palace. But every century comes to an end, and the emperor’s turn has come. Sobbing and grief were reflected in the faces of thousands and thousands of inhabitants of the empire, and at the same time, quiet horror of the court ladies and lords, aware of the possible consequences, in anticipation of the upcoming turmoil. The emperor did not leave heirs to his throne, which means a split may occur in the once calm lands. One hope that the throne would be occupied without bloodshed by one of the kings lay in an ancient tradition, an old game in which the applicant could become emperor “who can meet the dawn while sitting on the throne on the day after the ninth day, starting from the death of the leader.” , with the help of four trusted persons on each side. The rules of that game are simple...
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